• A Manager's Guide to the Database Galaxy - Part 6 (NoSQL - Key Value Stores)

    PART 6 In the last blog we considered different Wide Column Store databases and examined some facets of performance and associated costs. In this blog we look at another type of NoSQL databases, the much simpler Key Value Stores. Offerings from different vendors and examined in an attempt to highlight some of the key differences between otherwise similar technologies. We also consider the differences in performance and what costs are associated to running each database on premises or in the cloud, so that it may become clearer and easier to recognize the database that best suits your needs.
  • A Manager's Guide to the Database Galaxy - Part 2

    PART 2 This is the second blog in our series comparing different database management systems. In the last blog we looked at different data structures and their corresponding database management systems. In this part of the blog series we will consider different use cases best suited to each system. Introduction All Database Management Systems have their ups and down when applied to specific situations or workloads, but each DBMS has at least one use case that it is particularly suited for (unless we are talking about a multi-model DBMS then more than one use case may apply).