• Oracle Cloud Infrastructure NVMe SSD vs AWS local storage. Broader test.

    In this blog we compared Oracle Cloud Infrastructure baremetal local NVMe SSD with AWS instance NVMe store on MemSQL use case. MemSQL load mostly concerned about concurrent writes, and relatively large reads. Thins blog will do broader test, covering most performance aspects of SSD. Will use Cloud Harmony Block storage project for benchmarking. In my opinion it is one of the most comprehensive benchmarking suites for SSD. It replicates the SNIA Solid State Storage (SSS) Performance Test Specification (PTS) Enterprise v1.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure vs AWS. NVMe SSD test for MemSQL use case.

    One of the big use cases for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) formerly known as Baremetal Cloud is noSQL and newSQL. Oracle states what big advantage on storage layer would be PCIe based NVMe SSD with super low latency. And elimination of virtualization layer would let it shine at full. While MemSQL row store is in-memory, it’s columnar store persists on disk. When look from filesystem level, columnar store data consists of a lot of small files.