• A Manager's Guide to the Database Galaxy - Part 4 (NoSQL Document Stores)

    PART 4 In the last blog we examined different relational database offerings and considered some of their unique features and differences. In this blog we will compare and evaluate different NoSQL offerings, starting with Document Stores. This is done in an attempt to highlight some of the key differences between otherwise similar technologies. We also consider the differences in performance and what costs are associated to running each database on premises or in the cloud, so that it may become clearer and easier to recognize the database that best suits your needs.
  • A Manager's Guide to the Database Galaxy - Part 1

    Introduction With so many options and a consistently growing number of new technologies becoming available every year, the world of databases and data stores can be confusing or hard to keep up with. And with Oracle’s recent 18c release being mainly based around their autonomous database which may revolutionize the DBA domain all together, we thought this was a good time to revisit what we know about Databases. Different database types are best suited for different applications or workloads.