• CI/CD with Kubernetes

    Kubernetes is compatible with the majority of Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools which allows developers to run tests, deploy builds in Kubernetes and update applications with no downtime. One of the most popular CI/CD tools now is Jenkins. This article will focus on configuring a CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins and Helm on Kubernetes. Jenkins CI/CD Tool for the Cloud Jenkins is a quite easy to configure, modify and extend.
  • Deploy and Manage Applications on a Kubernetes Cluster

    What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is a container management technology developed by Google Labs to manage containerized applications in different kinds of environments across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. It is an open source system which helps to create and manage containerization of the application. Prerequisites We assume anyone who wants to understand Kubernetes should have an understanding of Docker, how Docker images are created, and how they work as a standalone unit.