• Setup Kubernetes Cluster with Terraform and Kops - PART 1

    Who should read this Blog: Short introduction What is Terraform What is Kubernetes What is KOPS What is Kubectl Problem we are trying to solve Stack used Actual implementation Install Terraform, Kops and Kubectl Setup S3, VPC and Security Group using Terraform Setup K8 Cluster using KOPS Validate the K8 Setup Install a Smaple Application in the K8 Cluster Cleanup the setup Who should read this Blog: This Blog is for those who wants to quickly get an overall general understanding on setting up a container eco system and understand how infrastructure as a code looks like.
  • A New World for Cloud MSPs

    A Multi-Cloud Centric Approach to Managed Services A Trend Toward Hybrid Over the years we have noticed several trends that reshaped the IT Managed Services industry and market we find ourselves in. From very traditional on premises data center management and system administration, to organizations jumping the gun and moving everything into the cloud - sometimes, only to move most of it back to on premises due to exorbitant and unsustainable bills or damaging performance setbacks.
  • A Manager's Guide to the Database Galaxy - Part 3 (RDBMS)

    PART 3 In the last blogs we examined a variety of different database types and considered some of their appropriate domains and use cases. In this blog we look at actual DBMS offerings from different vendors within each database type, starting with Relational databases and moving on to different types of NoSQL in future blogs. This is done in an attempt to highlight some of the key differences between otherwise similar technologies.