• What is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (BareMetal Cloud). How to implement resources in OCI.

    Oracle introduced two type of cloud services. OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) Formerly called Bare metal cloud, and OCI Classic.

    In this blog I will cover Oracle Cloud infrastructure. OCI Provides two type of shapes: Virtual machine and Baremetal, We can select virtual machine or bare metal while creating instance and selecting shape in OCI. Bare metal prefix with BM, Virtual Machine prefix with VM. Oracle use KVM based virtualization for VMs.

    BM instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure run without Hypervisor and provides Good Performance consistently. They supports High IOPS and are good for I/O Intensive application, noSQL, Big Data and Databases. It will use physical machine resource within tenant.

    In this example I will create Virtual Machine, but process of creating Bare metal instance is basically same.