We can use combination of Google Voice+Hangouts to get US cell number and forward it to any other outside US number for calls and texts. Inbound and outbound. Long story short, you have US virtual number 100% free. And unlike WhatsApp and similar apps its fully native cell number. But making Google number account became complicated because it has been abused by scammers. In this article we describe how to connect all the dots.

Setup (PC part)

IP location change

To change location we use TunnelBear application.
Using it is simple:just navigate on map and click to location you need(United states). TunnelBear Tunnel to USA TunnelBear Tunnel to USA succesfully made

Setup Google Voice

Navigate to Google Voice, Click get Google Voice -> Web.
TunnelBear Tunnel to USA successfully made Sign in your Gmail Account.
Google Voice ask you to Choose a Google Voice number: set or choose city that google suggest or set area code (for example Californian 424) -> choose number from list of numbers by pressing select near it.
Google Voice choose number Google Voice 424 zone numbers After choosing number you need to verify it: click on verify, enter your USA number to get code from google. Click send code.
verify Google Voice number Enter received code and you will have your virtual google number.


Local US number needed temporarily for this step only

Click on 3 vertical dots->setting
If you see your chosed Google Voice number than it all worked well. Else it can be that your USA number is not suitable for it.
uncheck all numbers on Forward messages to linked numbers, Forward calls to linked numbers and Get voicemail via message.


Google Voice ask caller to say name before starting a call. if you don’t need this uncheck Hear a caller's name when you pick up in Google Voice setting

So your new number can ring already at this stage. But google voice is very legacy product, and it is better to use it in combination with Google Hangouts. Follow below steps to get integration with Hangouts. Go to hangouts, 3 horizontal dots -> setting -> under google voice check Receive SMS and voicemail in hangouts. Also check ring on incoming phone calls.
Click on customize invite setting -> set everything as Can contact you directly. Google Voice Settings Google Voice Customize invite
Go to Google Voice and approve redirection to hangouts.

Setup (Phone part)

Install apps Hangouts and Hangouts Dialer.
Log in hangouts with account used in google voice setup. Go to setting -> under Account click on your account. If you see here your google voice number and Incoming phone calls + Messages checked than setup is completed


if Incoming phone calls + Messages is unchecked check them.