• How to create a simple Cassandra Cluster on AWS

    What is Cassandra? Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source distributed wide column store NoSQL database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. Wikipedia Apache Cassandra is a high performance, extremely scalable, fault tolerant (i.e. no single point of failure), distributed post-relational database solution. Cassandra combines all the benefits of Google Bigtable and Amazon Dynamo to handle the types of database management needs that traditional RDBMS vendors cannot support.
  • Setup Kubernetes Cluster with Terraform and Kops - Build Enterprise Ready Containers using Packer - PART 2

    Who should read this Blog Short Introduction Packer Ansible Problem we are trying to solve Why not use Dockerfile rather than Packer Environment Used for this Exercise Actual Implementation STEP 1: Install Packer and Ansible STEP 2: Build a sample image using Ansible and Packer STEP 3: Verify the Exercise Who should read this Blog This blog is continuation to the series (Part 1) where by end of the series we would try to envision one end to end flow of Infrastructure As a Code in true sense.
  • Automated CI-CD with Docker and Jenkins

    This repository is a tutorial it tries to exemplify how to automatically manage the process of building, testing the highest coverage and deployment phases. GITHUB URL- Click on GitHub URL to Download the Java Project. https://github.com/AVM-Consulting/CI-CD-with-Dockers-and-Jenkins Our goal is to ensure our pipeline works well after each code being pushed. The processes we want to auto-manage: Just One commit and the application is deployed in Docker Container Code checkout Run tests Compile the code Run Sonarqube analysis on the code Create Docker image Push the image to Docker Hub Pull and run the image First step, running up the services
  • Setup Kubernetes Cluster with Terraform and Kops - PART 1

    Who should read this Blog: Short introduction What is Terraform What is Kubernetes What is KOPS What is Kubectl Problem we are trying to solve Stack used Actual implementation Install Terraform, Kops and Kubectl Setup S3, VPC and Security Group using Terraform Setup K8 Cluster using KOPS Validate the K8 Setup Install a Smaple Application in the K8 Cluster Cleanup the setup Who should read this Blog: This Blog is for those who wants to quickly get an overall general understanding on setting up a container eco system and understand how infrastructure as a code looks like.
  • Tableau Performance Recipes

    After multiple Tableau projects delivered, we see more and more of the same problems and same fixes. Patterns repeat. Thus we decided to publish a blog with Tableau Best practice. This blog is specifically for performance best practice. We will keep it as compact as possible so reader can get right to the core. Data Bring in only the data needed for analysis. Consider adding a data source filter or using an extract.