• Google Voice with Hangouts setup

    Intro We can use combination of Google Voice+Hangouts to get US cell number and forward it to any other outside US number for calls and texts. Inbound and outbound. Long story short, you have US virtual number 100% free. And unlike WhatsApp and similar apps its fully native cell number. But making Google number account became complicated because it has been abused by scammers. In this article we describe how to connect all the dots.
  • Terraform - Orchestration Automation on Any Cloud

    Provisioning cloud platform resources is never as simple as AWS and other cloud service providers claim. Especially in hybrid or multi-cloud models creating cloud resources consistently is not always straightforward. Even when a only a single cloud provider is being used, a businesses’ demands for cloud infrastructure are rarely static. New operational requirements may call for frequent and spontaneous changes in cloud architecture. One of our favorite tools to overcome these challenges is Hashicorp’s Terraform.
  • Hugo + netlifyCms image Handling and Shortcodes

    Hugo All media files are located in static/img folder of the repository. In markdown text link on the image would be: /img/YourImage. Inserting image in markdown have only 2 params image src and alt as: !['my alt text']('/img/YourImage.png') If you need some other params like dimensions of picture, you can insert html tags or use Hugo shortcodes. Hugo has some default shortcodes. figure is default shortcode for pictures. For example:
  • Easy ssh tunneling and port forwarding

    Well configured ssh environment may save a lot of your time and is less error prone. Here we are going to cover the most common case where a client needs to access an application server which is behind a gateway server/bastion host. Later on we are going to build on this setup to add port forwarding from a port on localhost to a port open in the app server.
  • ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID invalid certificate authority error. Ignore it?

    In IT world, we all used to this error: Almost any web based tool in the office will have it. And we ignore it by default, without thinking about it. And it was ok to do so. Before cloud days. NOT ANYMORE… Lets think about it for a bit. Before Cloud we connected to all of these web (https) based tools via Intranet, internal network. In most cases it was no way traffic would go through Public Internet, as it was no public connectivity to the tools.