• Oracle 18c: Larry Ellison and the Autonomous Database

    Although Larry started his presentation last week with a small faux-pas and members of the audience had to wait for the correct slides, waiting is definitely not something customers can expect from the Oracle Cloud with the new 18c Database. Everything will be better, faster, and most importantly “self-driving”. Highlights of the launch featured the much-awaited Autonomous Data Warehouse, which he claims will be as “revolutionary as the internet”, as well as improved performance, manageability, and Security.
  • Create a physical copy of your local database in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with no backup.

    The focus of this article would be cloud specific steps rather than repeating already well known steps in the net.Its purpose is only to give you an idea for an use case and should not be used in a production environment. The high level setup: Source: Two nodes (VirtualBox) Oracle Linux 7. Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12.2 . Oracle RAC 12.2, storage ASM. Target (to be created) in Oracle cloud:
  • Oracle Standalone DB -> RAC + Standby Migration

    High Level Project description In this article we describe migration of Standalone Oracle DB to 2 Node RAC with Physical Standby, from one datacenter (DC1) into another datacenter (DC2) without direct connectivity between the datacenters. The goal is to switch to DC2, and in DC2 “RAC primary + standby” configuration needed to be activated immediately. We were able to perform this migration in less than 1hr downtime. But time may vary depending on amount archivelogs to be applied to destination on time you bring production down for final cutover.
  • OCI command line setup and some interesting features

    This article shows how to install and configure OCI command line under Linux OS. It also covers some features that may ease your life when using the tool like: profiles, output filtering, generating and reusing templates for creating objects in the cloud. Install. The “new” OCI command line tool is actually a next version of formerly bmcs. It is now called simply oci. The installation process is fully automated you just need to run the following command under the user you plan to use it.
  • How to make partition elimination/pruning to work

    If you have situation when partition elimination/pruning does not work, here are couple effective tricks to fix it. 1. If query derives partition key from sub-query, for example (query where sale_date is a partition key): select * from sales where sale_date=(select current_date from calendar_table where country_id=1) Replace sub-query with DETERMINISTIC function: create or replace function f_get_date (p_country_id in number) return date DETERMINISTIC is p_date date; begin select current_date into p_date from calendar_table where country_id=p_country_id; return p_date; end; / select * from sales where sale_date=f_get_date(1); In most cases it should not be differences between sub-query and function.