• Integrate AWS Lambda, SQS and SNS - a AWS Serverless sample

    TOC Overview Problem Statement What is Lambda ? What is SQS ? What is SNS ? Setup Details Prerequisite Launch the Serverless stack Screen Caps Lambda Function SNS Topic -> Click Publish Message SNS-Topic -> Sample Input SQS-Topic -> View output Clean the setup Overview This blog will show how to Process a request from SNS using AWS lambda and pass it for further processing via SQS.
  • Setup Kubernetes Service Mesh Ingress to host microservices using ISTIO - PART 3

    This is Part 3 of the Blog series we have started (Part-1 and Part-2). Previous blogs where more about Setting up Cluster and Creating Docker images. We will see in this Blog how a typical microservices is deployed in K8 service mesh using ISTIO Who should read this Blog Short introduction EKS EKSCTL HELM ISTIO Problem we are trying to solve Stack used Actual implementation Setup EKSCTL in MAC Launch EKS Verify EKS Instal Setup Kubernetes Dashboard Setup ISTIO Install Istio with Helm Verify Istio Deploy the Application Verify Deployment and Services Cluster Cleanup Who should read this Blog This Blog will be quick start guide to get the basic understanding of service mesh ISTIO.
  • Setup Kubernetes Cluster with Terraform and Kops - Build Enterprise Ready Containers using Packer - PART 2

    Who should read this Blog Short Introduction Packer Ansible Problem we are trying to solve Why not use Dockerfile rather than Packer Environment Used for this Exercise Actual Implementation STEP 1: Install Packer and Ansible STEP 2: Build a sample image using Ansible and Packer STEP 3: Verify the Exercise Who should read this Blog This blog is continuation to the series (Part 1) where by end of the series we would try to envision one end to end flow of Infrastructure As a Code in true sense.
  • Setup Kubernetes Cluster with Terraform and Kops - PART 1

    Who should read this Blog: Short introduction What is Terraform What is Kubernetes What is KOPS What is Kubectl Problem we are trying to solve Stack used Actual implementation Install Terraform, Kops and Kubectl Setup S3, VPC and Security Group using Terraform Setup K8 Cluster using KOPS Validate the K8 Setup Install a Smaple Application in the K8 Cluster Cleanup the setup Who should read this Blog: This Blog is for those who wants to quickly get an overall general understanding on setting up a container eco system and understand how infrastructure as a code looks like.
  • Terraform - Orchestration Automation on Any Cloud

    Provisioning cloud platform resources is never as simple as AWS and other cloud service providers claim. Especially in hybrid or multi-cloud models creating cloud resources consistently is not always straightforward. Even when a only a single cloud provider is being used, a businesses’ demands for cloud infrastructure are rarely static. New operational requirements may call for frequent and spontaneous changes in cloud architecture. One of our favorite tools to overcome these challenges is Hashicorp’s Terraform.