• RISE conference 2019 in Hong Kong. Our view

    It has been great 4 days at RISE, Asia’s biggest tech conference! Here are our thoughts on it from North America angle of view. Full conference 16k+ attendees fits on one floor of Hong Kong Conventional center. It shows the scale of the city. IMO, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. As in North America, the tech market is so big, the conference audience usually stays self-contained. Here at Rise, the audience is very diversified.
  • Pursuing a Simpler Life. Oracle's Integration Cloud Service vs MuleSoft Cloudhub

    Simplifying Application Integration Applications integration (or enterprise application integration) is the sharing of processes and data among different applications in an enterprise. Application integration has become a mission-critical priority for both small organizations and large enterprises alike, because by connecting disparate applications it becomes possible to reap the benefits of application collaboration, such as increasing overall business efficiency, prepping for the future by enhancing scalability and most importantly, reducing IT costs.
  • A New World for Cloud MSPs

    A Multi-Cloud Centric Approach to Managed Services A Trend Toward Hybrid Over the years we have noticed several trends that reshaped the IT Managed Services industry and market we find ourselves in. From very traditional on premises data center management and system administration, to organizations jumping the gun and moving everything into the cloud - sometimes, only to move most of it back to on premises due to exorbitant and unsustainable bills or damaging performance setbacks.
  • Choosing the Right Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for 2018: Things to Consider

    Choosing a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) isn’t easy.

    Much like finding and falling in love with a significant other, selecting and committing to the correct CSP can be like a marriage; with all the risks and benefits. Therefore it is important for companies to make carefully considered decisions when choosing a CSP as a partner to embark on their cloud journey with.